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Travel across the bellicose and different lands of Tandia. A continent where lycanthropes and other creatures roam endlessly. Exploration, intense and strategic combat, interactive dialogue in real time and a dark medieval fantasy world waiting for you in this RPG (action and adventure) given to you by DCK Project Studio.


About the game

Forged Light is a RPG video game that combine strategic combat in real time based on the management of your resources and an interactive narrative that develops throughout the game dynamically. Discover the continent of Tandia by travelling, fighting and dialoguing, organised in chapters, facilitating the journey of exploration in this fantastic medieval world that is going through dark ages created for you by a professional team that has worked this project from scratch and cannot wait for you to undertake this endeavour.


One of the most important characteristics of Forged Light is the combat, based in the interchange of weapons/stances of your arsenal, tools such as magic or diverse gadgets that help you exploit your enemies weaknesses, which, even though they are not numerous, they are powerful opponents that adapt to your combat strategy. Discover all the charismatic characters along the way, that have their own goals, resources and points of view. You will also interact with them with a dialogue in real time.

The story

The continent of Tandia is a place marked by wrathful ambition and war between its different realms and the races that populate them (dwarves, humans, elves, gnolls, goblins…). A powerful wizard called Khozor invokes the Moon of Blood, with terrible consequences for the whole continent. Tandia is in great danger, under the harassment and plundering carried out by all kinds of evil creatures.

Toric Blackbourne, a dwarf warrior of incomparable honor and courage, is chosen to lead the elite company aimed to put an end to Khozor’s plan and the Moon of Blood. To this end he will have to take a dangerous journey and learn the legendary spell “Forged Light” that once saved Tandia from destruction.

In the process of saving his homeland, Toric will be betrayed by some of his closest allies, learning first hand the effects of corruption and ruthless ambition. This will mark the character for the rest of his life.


- Realistic graphics made with tools such as Quixel or Unreal Engine. Unique environments carefully crafted from scratch for the purpose of experiencing an incredible journey.

- Explore Tandia, a fantastic medieval world that is under the menace of the Blood Moon, where each region has decided to act in different ways. Now is your turn to save the continent as a foreigner in the different kingdoms.

- Constant interaction with non playable characters and enemies beyond combat. Dialogues in real time with a big amount of interaction, and importance in the story.

- Strategic combat in real time that will reward the player who adapts better to each situation. You will have at your disposal a diverse weaponry and many tools that will help you deal each situation in different ways.

- A progression system based on your actions. You will improve in combat or oratory by practicing it directly. The system is called “The way of the hero”, which will allow you to control how other characters perceive you with a more dynamic method.

- Discover the plot like never seen before, controlling the hero of the story as well as the antagonist, which will give you a wider point of view.

- An original soundtrack composed by Fran Romguer, an award winning composer.


Teaser - Forged Light / Lo que está por venir YouTube


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